Fuerteventura - Islas Canarias - Spain


Starting one more surf «report» about Gran Canarias. It is middle of February,
we find a nice place to surf. I mean, every video was with nice waves and happy people surfing.
In the first day here, we went to «Playa de La Pared» and the waves weren’t the most exciting,
it was 1 to 1.5 meters and it crashed direct. So, no walls to «play». However, it was a good
warm up for the board that I rented and for a «stand up» training. The second day, the waves were
bigger but they continue crashing and smash any surfist that tried to get.

However, the third day arrived with some magic. The waves in La Pared were «too big» to surf but
because of the swell from west-northwest and winds from north created the fantastic conditions at Farol de Jundia.
In fact, in that day it was an awesome right wave. The walls arrived something like up to 2.5m in the big sets, at that
day I was using a 7’6» (egg style) board because I needed to rent a one here to use.
The only problem about the peak and here came my advice: GO EARLY TO THIS PEAK! If you arrive after between 10:00-14:00, it is going to be very crowded with surfschools and locals. However, you can see by yourself how the swell reach in the «5-8» pictures.


So, during the «waiting period» let’s talk a little bit about Fuerteventura. How to reach here, how is the things here
and give a general overview. We came with a cheap flight from Ryanair from Dusseldorf, the problem for this flight is
it is fucking early. So, if you want to catch this one be prepared to wake up pretty early.
Well, when we came to Fuerteventura it was winter time. So, it wasn’t full of tourists. In fact, it was very nice to drive
in their roads and very easy to arrive in everyplace. The price of things here aren’t so cheap, specially if you compare
with Portugal.

I think that is all.. Hope that you enjoy this surf report.