Ribeira d'Ilhas - Ericeira - Portugal


Well, Portugal is a nice spot to surf in Europe. Specially, if you want to leave the cold countries during winter.
It was my first time surfing and discovering Portugal. In this trip, I surfed in two different spots. In the beginning of the journey I surfed in Ribeira d’Ilhas, it is a fantastic place to surf and it is very beautiful too.

Some of the landscape remember me Florianopolis (So, it remember me home), I say this because of the hills and you can see them from the ocean when you are surfing. However, the wave it is different, the main reason to be so different it is the bottom. In Florianopolis and in the South Cities (for surfing) in Brazil the bottom is sand. In Ribeira d’Ilhas is rock bottom and it was summer. So, it was very nice to surf in a rock bottom with waves of 0.5 to 1 meter.

I really recommend to go there and surf. I enjoy a lot the short time in this placea and I will give some tips; I really recommend a wet-suit 3/4mm to surf in Portugal, if you are not so experienced the rock bottom could be tricky, it is hard to find a «longboard» in Ericeira and region (I surfed with a 7’9» during my stay there).

I think that is all… See you in the next trip! :)