Multi-Armed SPHINCS+


Hash-based signatures are a type of Digital Signature Algorithms that are positioned as one of the most solid quantum-resistant constructions. As an example SPHINCS+, has been selected as a standard during the NIST Post-Quantum Cryptography competition. However, hash-based signatures suffer from two main drawbacks: signature size and slow signing process. In this work, we give a solution to the latter when it is used in a mobile device. We take advantage of the fact that hash-based signatures are highly parallelizable. More precisely, we provide an implementation of SPHINCS+ on the Snapdragon 865 Mobile Platform taking advantage of its eight CPUs and their vector extensions. Our implementation shows that it is possible to have a speed-up of 15 times when compared to a purely sequential and non-vectorized implementation. Furthermore, we evaluate the performance impact of side-channel protection using vector extensions in the SPHINCS+ version based on SHAKE.

In ACNS-SCI 2023.
Gustavo Banegas
Gustavo Banegas
Senior Cryptographer

My research interests include post-quantum cryptanalysis and its implementations.